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Myspace Q&A Video, talks about Customisation, Design, Speed and More

I love PR (public relations)photo © 2008 Jerry Silfwer | more info (via: Wylio) So Myspace finally comes out of the wood with a new video answering important questions regarding its last  revamp. I must say I was kind of disappointed with Mike Jones Leweb interview and more importantly with the way Myspace seemed to ignore comments (mostly negative) on their Artist HQ blog . So far only their twitter support had been satisfying though they could have used two community managers instead of one. Myspace Q&A #1 is apparently the first instalment of  a series of video. It is great that they finally resort to vlogs to communicate,and with the last announcements  I still think they can  make their necessary come-back. There is anyway no exact  replacement solution at the moment .

As you would expect this vlog is about customisation , the website new design and its speed or lack thereof.


Myspace Q&A #1 from sean percival on Vimeo.

Thanks to MSC_Page for pointing out this video,  this guy is such a  valuable resource for everything Myspace .

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Top Twitter tips for Musicians by "Make It In Music"

Twitter promotional poster from the 1960s. #timewarp http://www.makeitinmusic.com/twitter-for-musicians

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Mixlr launches today: High-quality, live audio broadcasting for all. Sign up now for a 15-day FREE trial.

From their newsletter:


Mixlr: easy audio broadcasting for everybody.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Mixlr is open for everybody. Mixlr makes broadcasting live, high-quality audio easy. If you’re a musician, DJ, comedian, podcaster, journalist or conference organiser, then we’ve built a tool which will make your life better. Join Mixlr now for a 15-day FREE trial.

What is Mixlr?

Mixlr is a complete platform for broadcasting high-quality, live audio on the web. With our easy-to-use broadcasting app, you can:

  • Broadcast live to the world in seconds from your microphone, decks, mixing desk or favourite software on Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX.
  • Share your broadcasts with friends, fans and colleagues. Listeners can tune in via the web, iPhone, iPad and mobile devices. Our tight integration with Facebook and Twitter makes sharing easy.
  • Save and publish your broadcasts on your Showreel for everybody to listen back to later. Or if you prefer, archive them privately using our great value Simple Storage.
  • Schedule and promote your upcoming broadcasts.
  • Subscribe to other users to receive instant updates when they start broadcasting.

What's new?

Broadcasting price plans

We’ve launched a set of fully customisable price plans for our broadcasters. You can choose exactly the package you want: how long you want to broadcast live, how much audio you want to store… it’s up to you. What’s more, all of our memberships come with a 15-day free trial: so you can try our service at absolutely no risk. And don’t forget to experiment with our price plans on our awesome broadcast mixer.

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Soundcloud adds Capture and Share Button, releases a Free iPhone application

From their website :

The web today makes it really easy for us to share our experiences with the people we care about. Status messages on Twitter and Facebook, videos on YouTube or photos on Flickr, capturing a moment and sharing it with our friends, fans or family gives that moment a special meaning. (…)


SoundCloud for iPhone from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

If you can’t wait to get it, jump right into the iTunes App Store Or you could just read more details about these new features here :



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The Four Modes of Twitter [Video] by Health Is Social



Can be useful for musicians or artists not already on Twitter …

Follow @HealthIsSocial for more – http://Twitter.com/HealthisSocial


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