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Freeware Get Pocket Piano HD for the iPad for Free


*** Due to overwhelming demand, for a limited time Pocket Piano HD is FREE *** If you like this app, please check out MASTER PIANO.

Get the piano that has been Ranked Worldwide #1 Music App and Top 5 Overall iPad App. Now you can carry a piano with you everywhere you go! Pocket Piano HD has the rich sound and versatility of a real piano. Pocket Piano HD has all 88 keys including sharps and flats giving you the entire piano to play your favorite tunes. Hold keys for longer notes or tap for shorter ones. Pocket Piano HD is designed exclusively for the iPad to support up to 10 keys being played simultaneously! Pocket Piano HD is the only piano that lets you resize your keys to exactly fit your finger size. Features: *Rich realistic piano sound, recorded from the world’s finest grand pianos *88 keys which includes all sharps and flats (Full Piano Keyboard) *Full multi-touch support for chord and two handed play, you can play up to ten keys simultaneously. *Easy to use preset keyboard sizes or customize your own. Adjust the width and height of all keys and sharps to create a piano made just for your fingers *Play piano on a Single Keyboard Row or play on two rows with Dual Row *Identify notes with Optional Note Labels *Easy to use Fully-Customizable Metronome -Set Metronome volume and beats per minute *Optional Glissando Feature allows you to slide your finger across the keyboard like a real piano * Customize your Piano Sound! Adjustable reverb setting to get the same realistic effect as the Sustain and Soft piano pedals. *Easily navigate the full piano keyboard, never losing your place with a unique Navigation Bar for each row. Slide navigation bar to quickly move from A0 all the way to C8 or jump to any place on the piano with the tap of a finger. *Customize your Piano! Set Each Navigation Bar’s highlight color using preset options or create your own unique color *Adjustable Master Volume *Highest Quality 16 bit sound



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