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Myspace Q&A Video, talks about Customisation, Design, Speed and More

I love PR (public relations)photo © 2008 Jerry Silfwer | more info (via: Wylio) So Myspace finally comes out of the wood with a new video answering important questions regarding its last  revamp. I must say I was kind of disappointed with Mike Jones Leweb interview and more importantly with the way Myspace seemed to ignore comments (mostly negative) on their Artist HQ blog . So far only their twitter support had been satisfying though they could have used two community managers instead of one. Myspace Q&A #1 is apparently the first instalment of  a series of video. It is great that they finally resort to vlogs to communicate,and with the last announcements  I still think they can  make their necessary come-back. There is anyway no exact  replacement solution at the moment .

As you would expect this vlog is about customisation , the website new design and its speed or lack thereof.


Myspace Q&A #1 from sean percival on Vimeo.

Thanks to MSC_Page for pointing out this video,  this guy is such a  valuable resource for everything Myspace .

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Myspace introduces a "like" syndicating feature

We added a feature so as you LIKE things on Myspace – it syndicates out to Twitter and FB if your accounts are Synced: http://lnk.ms/GJGHQSat Dec 11 05:08:12 via MySpace

Myspace has just introduced a "like" feature that syndicates out your activity to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It is too early to say if it will bring more traffic to the struggling website but it seems that a non-negligible fraction of its users are already using it. Two weeks ago Inside Facebook was observing that Myspace new Facebbok connection was starting to grow a little, with around 761,000 uers. It will be interesting to know how it went at the beginning of January 2011. To manage your syncs , follow this link: http://www.myspace.com/my/settings/stream/sync

Oh, in the meantime of course the protest to bring the old Myspace goes on ! Interestingly enough it must be noted that Myspace CEO said they were ready to loose users, the problem will be at what rate… There is still a lot of bugs and the website is relatively slow. I would talk more about these issues in the near future in the meantime you can check MSC's Page blog for new info about the friends categories and blogs RSS feeds.

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Myspace mobile with new design and soon video support, iPhone app coming soon !

While News Corp is “wrestling” with MySpace’s future new features are added to the website, though the changes and the bug fixes are  still too slow to implement for some (and I am one of them ). This said Myspace is still the number two social network on mobiles and today MSC Blog has unveiled a series of new features coming for Myspace Mobile .


The most important one for me being the video support :.

You can have more detailed informations on the subject by visiting these articles:

Myspace Mobile gets updated for the New Myspace design

Myspace updated iPhone app coming soon

Myspace Mobile will have video support

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Interesting Read: On the Road with DJ Shadow | HypeBot ( 3 parts )

HypeBot just made a series of interviews with Michael Fiebach (Project, Marketing and Merchandise Manager for DJ Shadow ) . He provides some interesting insights .

On the first part he discusses how an artist can stay connected to his fans :

• Geo-targeted push notifications on the iPhone app • SMS text message campaign for a free download. • Street Team • Email marketing • Facebook • Accepting credit cards at merch table via Square • Myspace • Reverbnation • iLike Read it here > http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2010/10/on-the-road-dj-shadow-an-exclusive-look-at-how-one-artist-stays-connected-to-his-fans-.html

Part two: the Shadowsphere Meets The Death Star & Reaching Fans Online :

Read it here > http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2010/11/on-the-road-with-dj-shadow-the-shadowsphere-meets-the-death-star-reaching-fans-online.html

Part three: which Marketing Channels Are Working And Why .

Maybe the most important part, read it here > http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2010/11/on-the-road-with-dj-shadow-post-3-which-marketing-channels-are-working-and-why.html : • SFITDA on TumblrSFITDA on BlogspotSFITDA on TwitterSFITDA on Facebook

SuperPost By Myspace Post once, publish everywhere: available in the Iphone appstore


Myspace which is still the number 2 social network on mobiles just released an Iphone app called "Superpost"

From their website :

SuperPost By Myspace
Post once, publish everywhere


• SuperPost is the easiest and fastest way to update all your networks at once while on your iPhone.
• Share photos, videos and updates with friends on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.
• The simple and seamless flow makes updating super easy and super fast.

• Update your status and post photos, videos, or links.
• Preview photos and videos before sending.
• Upload HD video while on Wi-Fi.
• Pick and choose which services to publish to.
• Broadcast your updates in your Stream and on all your networks.
• View a history of all your updates posts sent using the app.
• Post updates even while using other apps (perfect for uploading videos!)




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