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Dune BE synth free for Beat magazine fans on Facebook Mac/Windows VST/AU

Dune BE is a cut-down version of Synapse Audio Dune Synthesiser, the only differences with the full version are as follow:
– no FX unit
– only 32bit
– only 128 presets
You can get a better idea of what this synthesiser can do by listening to their audio demo on their website or by watching the following videos:

  Note: the videos are not made by us and the sound may not be optimal.

If you want to download this little gem for free just head over to Beat magazine Facebook page, like them and go to their Download section. As they seem to often change the download freebie we suggest that you proceed to download as soon as possible.

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George Yohng: 4Front Rhode, vintage Rhodes-typed piano VST for Mac and PC

This is a vintage Rhodes-typed piano module with a gentle overdrive. This module reproduces the classic sound similar to RSP73 pianos. The sound generation is not based upon samples, thus there are 127 continous layers provided with a vintage rhodes smooth overdrive. Unlike many other software modules and samplers, this module will never overload CPU. It will never stick notes, and never interrupt the sound during live performances. Listen to Rhode demo! All sounds except bass and drums – 4Front Rhode VSTi. The demo features multiple rhode presets and filter automation, also modified attack/release controls (pro version). Bass sound is4Front Bass Module VSTi. If you need techical support, have questions or other inquiries, use the feedback box form below.

More info:


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Acustica Audio releases Mac AU version of Nebula3 Free

Really good news for the Mac users : Acustica Audio recently released the Mac OS X AU version of Nebula3 Freethe free fully functional, cut down version of Nebula3 Pro. Nebula is a multi-effect plug-in that is able to emulate and replicate several types of expensive audio equipment, eliminating the need for costly and bulky hardware. Nebula uses libraries which are created using a sophisticated "sampling approach" making it possible to "record" aspects of the sound of audio devices and play them back. The result of this sampling process is highly realistic, complex emulations of many types of audio signal processes, captured and utilized all within a plug-in that is compatible with all major DAWs and editing software. Inside this bundle you will find:

  • Nebula3 Free (CoreII Engine): the free multi-effect plug-in.
  • N.A.T.3 free: the free FX Sampler.
  • The free library: small, fully-functional preset library.

Nebula3 Free is available for Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU effect plug-in formats. Definitively worth a try !!

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CableGuys Curve Synthesiser now in Beta testing | A Chance to have it for Free

From their website

Click for a screenshot

Curve beta testing

Curve is our unique software synthesizer based on editable waveforms and preset sharing. And it's now available for public beta testing. Download the beta and put Curve to the test. Download Curve Beta

User-driven development

We're very grateful for all feedback, comments and bugs. Bug reports and the feature request list will be public at all times, not just during this beta phase. Please rate and comment on feature requests, and share your thoughts with us and the rest of the Curve community. Tell us how you'd like Curve to develop and in return, we'll keep you informed about bugfixes, feature updates and any other development news. Community is an essential part of Curve, so we'll be sharing our ideas. Join in and share yours, and help form the shape of Curve to come: Feedback on Wishes and Bugs If you prefer e-mail, you can reach us at contact@cableguys.de. Or use the form on our contact page. Sign up for our beta newsletter to get the latest on Curve. And stay tuned for the official release, coming very soon.

Preset Contest
During the public beta testing phase, we're running a contest to find the best, most mind-blowing preset sounds. Top 100: We're going to pick our top 100 favorite sounds from all the sounds created during the public beta and the previous closed beta testing. We'll look at your ratings, but we're going to be selfish just this once and pick the ones that excite us personally. We're looking for unusual sounds—the ones that push Curve to its limits—but we're also looking for clever, useful sounds and just about anything that sounds amazing. Each top-100 preset wins its creator a EUR 10/USD 14 discount on a Curve license. Top 1: We'll also pick our absolute favorite preset. Its creator gets Curve for free, and the winning preset will be used as Curve's pre-loaded initial sound. Anyone who has more than ten presets in the top-100 gets Curve for free and VolumeShaper 2 on top. So get started as soon as possible—the contest closes at the end of the beta testing phase.

For more info and changelog , go on their website:


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Download The Kammerl-Kaske-VST, Freeware Sound-Mangling suite for MAC and PC



Definitively not new plug-ins but I had to re-install them, so I decided to make a blog post about them !

The Kammerl-Kaske-VSTs are a comprehensive set of five soundmanipulating VST audio plug-ins, ready to be used with your favourite music production software like Steinberg's Cubase or Ableton's Live. Kammerl-Kaske-VSTs is a cooperation between Julius Kammerl (audio programming) and Klaus Kaske (artwork) and contains following plug-ins:

The Slicer:
The Slicer-Plug-in cuts all incoming audio signals into slices and then re-arrange them in a very musical way. Plenty of different rearrangement sequences can be selected to generate beat patterns and breaks just on the fly.

The Sratcher:
The Scratcher-Plug-in enables you to do digitally scratching even cooler than hand-made scratching with vinyl: you are always in sync and the speed and type of your virtual scratch movements are freely adjustable and easy reproducable.


The Pitcher:
By cutting-up and changing the pitches of all incoming audio signals you can create surprising effects, sounding like switched-off turntables, broken tape machines or shuffled grooves.

The Looper:
The Looper records incoming audio material and instantly makes a loop out of it according to the timing information given by your sequencer. By changing the start- and endpositions, the duration of your loop or even by modulating the loop size you can create amazing new rhythms and 'bouncing-ball-breaks' as easy as 1-2-3.

The Warm Distortion: Like the name says: this plug-in makes warm distortion, comparable to the distortion effect of analogue tube amplifiers.


Download them there and make a donation if you use them often  :




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Sonimus releases SonEQ v1.1 WIN/Mac #AU #VST #Freeware

SonEQ is a digital equalizer that takes parts from some vintage gear and combines them. SonEQ has 3 bands, bass, middle and treble. Also, SonEQ has a pre-amp section.


  • 3 band Equalizer, Low, Mid, High.
  • 2 Musical Filters, High-Pass Low-Pass.
  • Preamp stage with bass booster.
  • 64-bit floating point precision.
  • Up to 192kHz sample rates supported.
  • Mac Intel AU/VST, Windows 32 VST.

To download it simply head over here and donate if you like it :