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Freeware: Bolder Sounds present Mini Sax Sample Set Kontakt/EXS24

From their website

Kontakt 3+ / Apple EXS24 This instrument is the creation of Juan Del Rio in Redondo Beach, California. You can watch him on YouTube by searching his name with ‘mini sax’ or email him at juandelrio@yahoo.com if you are interested in buying one, they sell for an incredible price of $40.00! The sound of the mini sax has somewhat of a cross between the clarinet and the sax. It is in the key of Bb and is an octave in range. For this sample set, I have expanded to range to 2 octaves going from G2 to G4 using polyphonation from the excellent Redmatica Keymap application. Bo Clausen has contributed his usual wonderful KSP Kontakt scripting which is explained in a bit more detail later in the .pdf manual. Thank You Bo!


Download link: http://www.boldersounds.net/mini-sax-p-102.html

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