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Dune BE synth free for Beat magazine fans on Facebook Mac/Windows VST/AU

Dune BE is a cut-down version of Synapse Audio Dune Synthesiser, the only differences with the full version are as follow:
– no FX unit
– only 32bit
– only 128 presets
You can get a better idea of what this synthesiser can do by listening to their audio demo on their website or by watching the following videos:

  Note: the videos are not made by us and the sound may not be optimal.

If you want to download this little gem for free just head over to Beat magazine Facebook page, like them and go to their Download section. As they seem to often change the download freebie we suggest that you proceed to download as soon as possible.

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Freeware Veteran Semi-Modular Synthesizer Crystal goes 64 bit Mac/Win | VST/AU

Dec 13, 2010: Crystal goes 64 bit! With version 2.5.0, Crystal is now available as a 64 bit plugin on both Windows and OSX. The OSX installer installs both Audio Unit and VST plugins which are capable of 32 or 64 bit. The Windows download includes both 32 and 64 VST versions, so you can put the appropriate one in your plugins folder.

Crystal is a semi-modular software synthesizer featuring both subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis. Crystal offers abundant modulation control with over 90 parameters which may be modulated, multi-stage envelopes with graphical editors, extensive tempo sync of envelopes / LFO rates / delay times, built-in effects for chorus / flanging / comb filtering / echoes, and a band splitter for effects processing by frequency band. Not only that, Crystal has wave sequencing, granular synthesis, program morphing, MIDI learn, and imports SoundFonts. http://www.youtube.com/v/IduNXwktVAE?fs=1&hl=en_GB

Download link : http://www.greenoak.com/crystal/download.html

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Acustica Audio releases Mac AU version of Nebula3 Free

Really good news for the Mac users : Acustica Audio recently released the Mac OS X AU version of Nebula3 Freethe free fully functional, cut down version of Nebula3 Pro. Nebula is a multi-effect plug-in that is able to emulate and replicate several types of expensive audio equipment, eliminating the need for costly and bulky hardware. Nebula uses libraries which are created using a sophisticated "sampling approach" making it possible to "record" aspects of the sound of audio devices and play them back. The result of this sampling process is highly realistic, complex emulations of many types of audio signal processes, captured and utilized all within a plug-in that is compatible with all major DAWs and editing software. Inside this bundle you will find:

  • Nebula3 Free (CoreII Engine): the free multi-effect plug-in.
  • N.A.T.3 free: the free FX Sampler.
  • The free library: small, fully-functional preset library.

Nebula3 Free is available for Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU effect plug-in formats. Definitively worth a try !!

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Prosoniq updates NorthPole AU to v1.2.3


Yes you've read it right, it was one of the first freeware VST if not the first I have tested, I thought it was long-dead but apparently it is not !
So rejoice, well maybe not  !

The really good news there is that this little gem is still being taken care of , the bad news is that it is now AU only. 



NorthPole is a free effects plug in for AudioUnit compatible applications on the Macintosh. It adds a fully programmable virtual analog synthesizer filter with resonance, envelope follower and an integrated post-filter digital delay to your audio production environment.

Please note that an older Mac VST/RTAS and a Windows VST version is available (click the links to download them). They are unsupported any may not work on recent systems. Try them at your own risk.

More info and download link :


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Solid State Logic | Halloween Freeware VST/AU ‘X-Orcism

It may be old news (2008) but the offer still stands !

From their website :

X-Orcism - Free Plug-in download from SSL

SSL X-Orcism

Happy Hallowe’en!

In response to ghost stories of economic doom and gloom we invite you to celebrate the festival of witches and ghouls with a bit of fun. SSL is proud to offer you ‘X-Orcism’, our free Halloween VST/AU format plug-in. Feed in your voice and you will be transformed into the voice of Halloween itself… be afraid, be very afraid.
Click here to download X-Orcism (Registration Required).

Sonimus releases SonEQ v1.1 WIN/Mac #AU #VST #Freeware

SonEQ is a digital equalizer that takes parts from some vintage gear and combines them. SonEQ has 3 bands, bass, middle and treble. Also, SonEQ has a pre-amp section.


  • 3 band Equalizer, Low, Mid, High.
  • 2 Musical Filters, High-Pass Low-Pass.
  • Preamp stage with bass booster.
  • 64-bit floating point precision.
  • Up to 192kHz sample rates supported.
  • Mac Intel AU/VST, Windows 32 VST.

To download it simply head over here and donate if you like it :