Freeware VST KX77FREE updates Kx-Modulad to v2.21 and Kx-Synth-X16 to v3.2

KX77FREE has updated Kx-Modulad to version 2.21 and Kx-synth-x16 to version 3.2. Changes In Kx-Modulad v2.21 

Kx-Modulad from myVST on Vimeo.

New classified presets. Kx-Synth-x16′s LP12, LP 6 filters added. Improvement of the Soft Sync (Vco2). Internal presets management (fxb, fxp, copy, load, save). Skin improvement: grey outlined and pop-up menus. Power off to the Ring Modulator, Lfos, S&H, Noise and synchronized clocks. Less CPU use in sleep mode. Optimization of modulations to the Vcos, -15% of CPU use when all of them are used. Less CPU use when the Prg Change works again. The Fx decay did not stop during the Prg Change. The filter selectors was alway on “R:LoM” (first preset). Fixed bug: wrong Fx initialization in some case (2.20 bug). Changes In Kx-Synth-X16 v3.2

myVST Demo: KX-Synth-X16 from myVST on Vimeo.

Internal presets management (fxb, fxp, copy, load, save). New parameter: “Mod” to use only one envelop. Skin improvement with pop-up menus. The synchronized clocks go in sleep mode when they are not used. The envelop loop mode (“Lp”) could not be enabled when the envelop sustain.

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