Mixlr launches today: High-quality, live audio broadcasting for all. Sign up now for a 15-day FREE trial.

From their newsletter:


Mixlr: easy audio broadcasting for everybody.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Mixlr is open for everybody. Mixlr makes broadcasting live, high-quality audio easy. If you’re a musician, DJ, comedian, podcaster, journalist or conference organiser, then we’ve built a tool which will make your life better. Join Mixlr now for a 15-day FREE trial.

What is Mixlr?

Mixlr is a complete platform for broadcasting high-quality, live audio on the web. With our easy-to-use broadcasting app, you can:

  • Broadcast live to the world in seconds from your microphone, decks, mixing desk or favourite software on Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX.
  • Share your broadcasts with friends, fans and colleagues. Listeners can tune in via the web, iPhone, iPad and mobile devices. Our tight integration with Facebook and Twitter makes sharing easy.
  • Save and publish your broadcasts on your Showreel for everybody to listen back to later. Or if you prefer, archive them privately using our great value Simple Storage.
  • Schedule and promote your upcoming broadcasts.
  • Subscribe to other users to receive instant updates when they start broadcasting.

What's new?

Broadcasting price plans

We’ve launched a set of fully customisable price plans for our broadcasters. You can choose exactly the package you want: how long you want to broadcast live, how much audio you want to store… it’s up to you. What’s more, all of our memberships come with a 15-day free trial: so you can try our service at absolutely no risk. And don’t forget to experiment with our price plans on our awesome broadcast mixer.

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