LePou Plugins releases LeCab2, Freeware cabinet impulse loader VST

From their blog :

LeCab2 is the evolution of LeCab1. It's a cabinet (guitar or bass) impulse loader. LeCab2 offers : – 6 impulse slots – Latency control (down to 64 samples) – Dropdown menu built with the .wav files contained in the directory where the last impulse is loaded – Next and Prev buttons to navigate through the impulse directory – Solo button for each slots – Channel selection for each slots – Possibility to link the loaded impulse of 2 slots (other controls stay independant) – High Pass and Low Pass filters for each slots – Phase, Delay, Pan and Volume controls for each slots LeCab2 has been specifically design for relatively short impulse response such as guitar and bass cabinet. Too long impulse response are going to be truncated. Impulse troncation could lead to what's call frequency leakage and then produce atrifacts in the low and high part of the frequency spectrum as shown in the figure below where the blue line is the frequency response of a truncated impulse. This figure has been captured with Voxengo SPAN.

As can be seen, unless under extrem case, these artifacts can be eliminated with the low and high pass filters as provided by LeCab2 for each slots.

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