One Red Dog Media presents Molten , Drum Machine for the iPad

From their website:

Beats at your fingertips

Molten is a powerful and intuitive tool for creating percussive sounds and rhythm sequences. Using a revolutionary approach to grid based pattern sequencing that divides time to instantly add tuplets and fills to your drum programming. Unleash the potential of your beats on theiPad.

A complete rhythm synthesizer

Molten is built on a versatile synthesizer that allows you to play and process your own sound samples. The kits can be mangled, filtered and crushed using the multi-touch interface. Load and store your patterns and share them with your friends. Export to astandard MIDI file and import into aprofessional digital audio workstation.


Easily and quickly create rhythms with complex time signatures Intuitively divide a note into tuplets Sample based synthesis with user loadable samples Each pattern has 8 instrument track Global master effects processor including delay, reverb, EQ & compressor Share your pattern compositions as audio or MIDI files or transfer patterns between Molten users appstore

Available 24th Nov 2010 Price: $9.99

More info: If you have cool music applications working on different tablets, please let me know !

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