Download 5 "free" Live Packs from international Ableton artists | Devil's Advocate Style

From their website:

"We are happy to present a new series of Live Packs from five international Abletonartists. This collection represents the regional and musical diversity of the Ableton community, featuring experimental sonic textures and drum kits courtesy of Saturn Never Sleeps (USA), funky, Neo-Afro live stylings from Gazelle (South Africa), abreakdown of "Hit Me" — the Italo-disco take on Ian Dury's classic by Telonius (Germany), as well as the results of a sampling spree through the catalog of Truth and Soul Records by Apple Juice Kid (USA) and some experiments in extreme compression from Ben Frost (Iceland). Explore. Get inspired. Remix.* " ——————————————————

The most important part here is that these packs are totally useless !!!!

Indeed they specify :

* Have fun playing with the Packs, but make sure not to use them commercially.

> Yeah, right!  Just so you know the download pack  weights a bloody

1.5GB !!!!

If you choose to download this pack anyway make sure it stays clearly labelled and that you don't dispatch the samples in other folders, or you could run the risk of getting sued if it's get released. Of course people usually get sued once their tracks has generated enough money . Here is their video anyway :

As usual :

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But you knew that already, didn't you ?


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