Prosoniq updates NorthPole AU to v1.2.3


Yes you've read it right, it was one of the first freeware VST if not the first I have tested, I thought it was long-dead but apparently it is not !
So rejoice, well maybe not  !

The really good news there is that this little gem is still being taken care of , the bad news is that it is now AU only. 



NorthPole is a free effects plug in for AudioUnit compatible applications on the Macintosh. It adds a fully programmable virtual analog synthesizer filter with resonance, envelope follower and an integrated post-filter digital delay to your audio production environment.

Please note that an older Mac VST/RTAS and a Windows VST version is available (click the links to download them). They are unsupported any may not work on recent systems. Try them at your own risk.

More info and download link :


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