Weldroid releases Synesthesia waveshaper / EQ / dynamics processor VST effect

It is still in beta stage !

From their website :


Synesthesia is a combined waveshaper / EQ / dynamics processor that is designed to be very light on the CPU, but sounds hi-fi enough to be put on the master buss without hesitation. A special combination of frequency-dependent harmonics generation and oversampling reduces aliasing way below audible levels, allowing smooth coloration of input material free of unwanted artifacts.

Synesthesia features highly flexible – per harmonic definition of distortion / waveshaping characteristics, opening up possibilities to emulate static distortion of many nonlinear devices. It is also possible to use it as a dynamics processor by setting up the dynamic waveshaper curve with respective attack and release time constants.

The plugin is currently in the phase most developers refer to as “beta”: every function is already at place and works as one should expect it to work, but some testing is still required to be certain that no bugs jump out at the unsuspecting user :). So – for now – (and at least for a month) the plugin is available at the very modest price of EUR 30, to compensate the early adapters for any problems they encounter with this release.


More info and demo donwload link :


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