WaveShaper Free Drumsample packs by sinkmusic



From a thread on kvr:

WaveShaper is a sample website hosted on BandCamp, focused on drumkits of analogue/vintage electronic drum machines.

All the kits will be available in two flavours : a free one (with a more limited set of standard mono 44-16 audio samples), and a "pro" one, giving you more samples and in higher quality (stereo 24bit 48khz).
On each page, you can listen to a demo song, view some pictures of the actual gear used, and read useful info about who/wha/when/why/how…
A direct link is provided to download the free kit, and when you buy the "pro" pack (you have to "buy the album" on BandCamp), you will get a personal download link included in the zipped archive with the demo song.
For now, i already have two drumkits, and several others should be online soon…

Monokken kit

The Gakken is a cheap japanese do-it-yourself analogue synthesizer. The Monotron is korg's smallest and latest analogue synth, using the same filter as the legendary ms-20. Both are fun pieces of gear to play with !
All the sounds in this kit was made using these nasty little plastic units (and even sometimes both at the same time by feeding one into the other using their external audio input).
The overall sound is raw, bleepy and modulated : enjoy !
Go here to get more info and listen to the demo song.

[UDS+EH] kit

This drum kit was made by processing some sounds from a rare russian vintage Marsh UDS drum synth by the nasty Electro-Harmonix Micro Synth.
Enjoy some filthy analogue goodness !
Go here to get more info and listen to the demo song.

Original thread :


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