Cybernetik Mayhem – Sample Pack [844 MB] – free download!



At least 100 years ago, Lars aka Cybernetika offered a mega sample pack to the D.O.A community, the pack is still up so I decided to repost it here !!

Don't forget to check his free albums on his website !

Cybernetika – Neural Network Expansion [2007] (mp3/wav/flac @

Direct DL (320 kbps MP3)

His website :

His samples in his own words :

" Cybernetik Mayhem Samplepack – by Cybernetika

– October 2008 –
Compressed Size: 480 MB
Uncompressed Size: 844 MB
Sample format: 44.100-48.000khz / 16 bit .WAV

Download link (right click, save as):…cybernetika.rar

These are the best samples I used in my released or unreleased tracks. This Sample Pack is focused on Dark & Cybernetic Sounds for Psytrance, Techno, Drum'n'Bass, Dark Ambient & IDM.

Feel free to use them in your tracks, these samples are 100% free to use however you like to use them. Please give me some credit if you use them and like them.

The samples are organized in 5 categories:

Dark Neurofunk Basses and Reeces, and some trance bass sounds.

Pads & Atmos:
Nightmare pads & post-apocalyptic ambient soundscapes.

Robotic Future FX, mostly one shot samples.

Psy Riffs & Sequences:
Mind-bending leads, FM assaults, acid sequences

Percussion Loops:
Digital Drumloops, from technoid to glitchy.


Lars aka Cybernetika"

Original thread :

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