La boite a sons, Free Creative Commons Sample Library, And Music Contest


From their website :

LCL's free sound bank 

LCL is proud to present " La boite a sons", a free sound bank under a CC by-nc license, supplied by the artists who released on our label or collaborated with us.

The aim of this approach is to push further the use of CC licenses and encourage musicians to share more than just their tracks : share their raw materials !
Featuring samples from ARROGALLA, DISRUPT, JAMBASSA, KOU CHOU CHING, PEAK, VINILETTE, VOLFONIQ (to be growing over time).
Many thanks to the involved artists for sharing their passion, and to the partners of this projects for supporting it. You are free to use the samples, loops and a-cappellas in your creations as long as you respect the terms of the by-nc license.
(click the under "CC" logo for more information)

Creative Commons License

The sounds are hosted by 

To download these samples and have further informations about the contest, head over here :


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