Symphony of Specters releases FreeVowel Ensemble Choir Pack for Kontakt and Mu.Lab

A really nice find there on a thread at KVR :

The choir patch was developed by Mihai Sorohan  together withRichard Osborn for Mu.Lab Multisampla and Selcuk Bor (from Symphony of Specters) for Kontakt.

Citrina – soprano & alto
Jelena – alto
Roman & Dimitri (Timohi) – tenor
JonnyZed – tenor
Mihai (sorohanro) – tenor & baritone

Gear used:
Microphone – AKG Perception 170
Preamp – Art Tube MP Project Series
Soundcard – M-Audio Audiophile 192
Samples at 32 bit float, 44.1 khz samplerate.

Mu.Lab Files
Download Mu.Lab Multisampla format patches separately
Download Mu.Lab Mux Patch
Download “Ave Maria Sound Alike” Mu.Lab session
Kontakt Files
Kontakt files and patches can be found on Symphony of Specters Facebook Page.
“Like” the page and download the awesome patch .

Here are some demo tracks:
Ave Maria Sound Alike
Choir Demo A-E-I
Handel Sound Alike – Choir Pack Demo

Install details:
Beware, if you use the Mu.Lab version you need:
– Mu.Lab (free version would do it just fine)
– Multisampla format patches separately – unzip them and copy the ” Vowel Ensemble” folder to MULAB/User/Library/MuSynth – this will make available the separate patches (A, E, I, O and U) as Multisampla patches.
– Mux Patch that you copy to MULAB/User/Library/MUX – this put all the vowel patches into one “synth” that crossfade between vowels and allow you to make speech like patterns.
To see how is that done, you can download the “Ave Maria Sound Alike” file

Few words about the Kontakt patch:
-Installation is easier, download, load in Kontakt and enjoy. The patch is “monolith” so you don’t need to copy folders or keep track where are the files.
-To run the patch you need a full license of Kontakt. In Kontakt Player (the free version of Kontakt) the patch will run just in demo mode (that means 30 minutes and then stop).

We added also a support topic on Symphony of Specters Facebook page. 172223842450


Original thread :


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