@Qwiki is turning information into an experience, sci-fi style. See the video presentation


Qwiki at TechCrunch Disrupt from Qwiki on Vimeo.

This project seems really impressive !

I don’t know how fast it will process and curate all the information, but after watching three times the presentation I must admit it inspires me.

I have always been a fan of robots and speech synthesis and this addiction has even gotten worse with the BattleStar Gallactica series (damned you “Caprica Six” ) . Looking back, we’ve clearly come a long way since Herbie Hancock made his Fairlight synthesiser demonstration to the kids on Sesame Street …


This time all the data processing is done by the machine, the next step will be to have a real conversation, albeit limited, thanks to a voice recognition system. If you mix all this with augmented reality, we could have some kind of sentient machine in not a too distant future. In the meantime go on  their website, check the sample Qwiki presentations and request an alpha invite :


Can’t wait to be woke up by Qwiki robotic sexy Voice !

NB: remember it is still in alpha stage, and the presentations are in demo mode, so they will lack in interactivity. I hope the released product will have” Minority Report”-like window manipulation and that the vocal presentation won’t stop when you wil click on media files .


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