Why the track you’re promoting with Pay with a Tweet should always be an exclusive or at least … @innothunder

This will be a short answer to a Twitter friend question . To put it in context, this morning I downloaded a marvellous track and for that I had to tweet a message about that song using the awesome Twitter service :  Pay With a Tweet (Click on the image below )

The first thing I have to tell you, is that I love the track but I was a little bit disappointed because the place for the download spot was public .

I told him and he asked me :

_” What the problem with a public track? Why should I keep it private?”

So my answer here is pretty simple, people don’t want to buy something that is already free, and by amplifying the news with my tweet I feel that I have paid for something, hence the name “Pay With A Tweet”. So in my opinion the track shouldn’t be made public or at least I should get a more pristine version of it, for example a *Flac or a *WAV file.  I think it may leads  people to tweet the direct link to the already-made public track or to make a blog post with no connection with the site the music was taken from . If it is the first case then the song can go viral anyway, if it is the second it may be more problematic . Well it is not rocket-science you know !

Have your say in the comments below 😉


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