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whiteLABEL Sidechain Compressor Free Today Only! Halloween

I've just read this interesting news thanks to the fine folks at Bedroom Producers

From their blog :

If you’ve been reading bpb lately, you have certainly already heard aboutwhiteLABEL’s bolsteriser series of compressor VST plugins.

bolsteriser revF sidechain compressor VST, free on Halloween.

bolsteriser rev F sidechain compressor VST, free during Halloween.

They’ve added another compressor to the bolsterisers bundle, and it is free to download during Halloween. According to the devs description, bolsteriser rev F is a sidechain compressor VST plugin with a particularly grungy character.

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Video Inspiration Clip : ZOMBIE ZOMBIE Driving Clip, John Carpenter First video clip made for Zombie Zombie, the electrifying French duo of Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman. Directed by Simon Gesrel and Xavier Ehretsmann thanks to their favourite toys… the GI Joes ! The video is an hommage to the director AND soundtrack composer John Carpenter, especially one of his masterpieces : THE THING. Best Photography Award – GI Joe Fest 2008, 2nd GI Joe stop motion film Festival, Denver, CO. USA Audience Award & Best Technical Quality Award – Protoclip 2008, 4th Sevres' international independent video clip Festival, France. At the moment Four ways to follow SFITDA :SFITDA on TumblrSFITDA on BlogspotSFITDA on TwitterSFITDA on Facebook

Cybernetik Mayhem – Sample Pack [844 MB] – free download!



At least 100 years ago, Lars aka Cybernetika offered a mega sample pack to the D.O.A community, the pack is still up so I decided to repost it here !!

Don't forget to check his free albums on his website !

Cybernetika – Neural Network Expansion [2007] (mp3/wav/flac @

Direct DL (320 kbps MP3)

His website :

His samples in his own words :

" Cybernetik Mayhem Samplepack – by Cybernetika

– October 2008 –
Compressed Size: 480 MB
Uncompressed Size: 844 MB
Sample format: 44.100-48.000khz / 16 bit .WAV

Download link (right click, save as):…cybernetika.rar

These are the best samples I used in my released or unreleased tracks. This Sample Pack is focused on Dark & Cybernetic Sounds for Psytrance, Techno, Drum'n'Bass, Dark Ambient & IDM.

Feel free to use them in your tracks, these samples are 100% free to use however you like to use them. Please give me some credit if you use them and like them.

The samples are organized in 5 categories:

Dark Neurofunk Basses and Reeces, and some trance bass sounds.

Pads & Atmos:
Nightmare pads & post-apocalyptic ambient soundscapes.

Robotic Future FX, mostly one shot samples.

Psy Riffs & Sequences:
Mind-bending leads, FM assaults, acid sequences

Percussion Loops:
Digital Drumloops, from technoid to glitchy.


Lars aka Cybernetika"

Original thread :

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Inspiration Video : Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers

Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers from Mister Magnus on Vimeo. Six drummers participate in a well planned musical attack in the suburbs. As an elderly couple leave their apartment the drummers take over. On everyday objects they give a concert in four movements: Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom and Livingroom. Cast: Magnus Börjeson, Johannes Björk, Marcus Haraldson, Sanna Persson, Anders Vestergård, Fredrik Myhr Photo: Johannes Stjärne Nilsson/Charlotta Tengroth/Robert Blom Sound: Håkon Garpestad Costume: Kajsa Tosting Art direction: Madeleine Stjärne/Cecilia Sterner Written, directed and edited by Johannes Stjärne Nilsson and Ola Simonsson At the moment Four ways to follow SFITDA :SFITDA on TumblrSFITDA on BlogspotSFITDA on TwitterSFITDA on Facebook

VLC for iPhone: free app can play any video format on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch


Via Freeware Genius

VLC on iPhone ScreenshotOne of the major annoyances with watching video on the iPhone is the need to convert them into iPhone friendly format first (H264 video encoder, AAC audio, 640 max width, and MP4 wrapper). And while in theory video conversions are not that difficult, in practice I found myself simply avoiding watching video on my iPhone altogether, rather than deal with video conversions and with iTunes insisting on managing my media library.

Enter the free VLC app for iPhone. Yes, folks, this is the same multiplatform free media player that you’re familliar with on your PC, and its still super awesome. It allows you to play any video format of any size on your iPhone or iPad, including MKV, AVI, MPEG, and over oversized MP4s with large HD resolutions, as well as most formats you could think of.

Read the rest of the article here :

Or Download directly the app here :

(I highly recommend Freewaregenius which is a real gold mine ! )
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Inspiration Video Clip : Wall painting by Supakitch and Koralie (Sweden)


Wall painting by Supakitch and Koralie at the VÄRLDSKULTUR MUSEET GÖTEBORG / SWEDEN With the support of POSCA —– Video by elroy : —– Music by DLid (quatre rec. / Leonizer) :​dicklaurentisdead —– – Collection Grand Cru available on October 1st CHECK ALL METROPLASTIQUE UPDATES ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE :​metroplastique#!/​pages/​METROPLASTIQUE/​172834136271?v=wall&ref=ts —– —– SUPAKITCH, KORALIE, ELROY & DLiD are represented by OneLouder. agency​ —– —–

SuperPost By Myspace Post once, publish everywhere: available in the Iphone appstore


Myspace which is still the number 2 social network on mobiles just released an Iphone app called "Superpost"

From their website :

SuperPost By Myspace
Post once, publish everywhere


• SuperPost is the easiest and fastest way to update all your networks at once while on your iPhone.
• Share photos, videos and updates with friends on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.
• The simple and seamless flow makes updating super easy and super fast.

• Update your status and post photos, videos, or links.
• Preview photos and videos before sending.
• Upload HD video while on Wi-Fi.
• Pick and choose which services to publish to.
• Broadcast your updates in your Stream and on all your networks.
• View a history of all your updates posts sent using the app.
• Post updates even while using other apps (perfect for uploading videos!)



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Download The Kammerl-Kaske-VST, Freeware Sound-Mangling suite for MAC and PC



Definitively not new plug-ins but I had to re-install them, so I decided to make a blog post about them !

The Kammerl-Kaske-VSTs are a comprehensive set of five soundmanipulating VST audio plug-ins, ready to be used with your favourite music production software like Steinberg's Cubase or Ableton's Live. Kammerl-Kaske-VSTs is a cooperation between Julius Kammerl (audio programming) and Klaus Kaske (artwork) and contains following plug-ins:

The Slicer:
The Slicer-Plug-in cuts all incoming audio signals into slices and then re-arrange them in a very musical way. Plenty of different rearrangement sequences can be selected to generate beat patterns and breaks just on the fly.

The Sratcher:
The Scratcher-Plug-in enables you to do digitally scratching even cooler than hand-made scratching with vinyl: you are always in sync and the speed and type of your virtual scratch movements are freely adjustable and easy reproducable.


The Pitcher:
By cutting-up and changing the pitches of all incoming audio signals you can create surprising effects, sounding like switched-off turntables, broken tape machines or shuffled grooves.

The Looper:
The Looper records incoming audio material and instantly makes a loop out of it according to the timing information given by your sequencer. By changing the start- and endpositions, the duration of your loop or even by modulating the loop size you can create amazing new rhythms and 'bouncing-ball-breaks' as easy as 1-2-3.

The Warm Distortion: Like the name says: this plug-in makes warm distortion, comparable to the distortion effect of analogue tube amplifiers.


Download them there and make a donation if you use them often  :



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Dead spin: Panasonic discontinues Technics analog turntables


It is definitively a sad month after the retirement of The Walkman by Sony, Panasonic discontinues Technics …



Friday Nov. 5TOKYO (TR) – Fans of analog musicwere dealt another blow when consumer electronics company Panasonic announced earlier this month that it would be discontinuing the audio products within its Technics brand, most notably the legendary line of analog turntables.

On October 20, the company said that it was winding down production of the Technics SL-1200MK6 analog turntable, the SH-EX1200 analog audio mixer and the RP-DH1200 and RP-DJ1200 stereo headphones due to challenges in the marketplace.


Inspiration: Cassius – I Love You So -Video Clip & Free Iphone App


Ed Banger group Cassius featuring the duo of Philippe Zdar and Hubert Blanc-Francart unveil their latest video to their hit song "I Love You So". The video is a true testament of the times with the iPhone making a pronounced appearance. The video features an eclectic cast of Ed Banger-affiliated personalities as they each play their part in the performing of the song.

iPhone App:…


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